LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site available today and provides a way to connect with other professionals and helps you stay in contact with millions of users. LinkedIn had over 20 million users in the UK in April 2016 and it is one of the best B2B social networking platforms.

While you may think that you need to spend a lot of time on LinkedIn to leverage the power of LinkedIn I can assure you that spending just 20 minutes per day, preferably at the start of your working day, you will be able to boost your personal brand and generate more leads on LinkedIn.

Just follow this guide while you wait for the kettle to boil and you will reinforce your reputation and network on LinkedIn.

8 minutes: Engage with your network

This may seem like the most time-consuming part of the process, but the good news is that you do not need to work too hard for this. On LinkedIn, you can engage with your network by liking their posts and articles, commenting and sharing the same or endorsing their skills. Make a list of 20-25 contacts per week and engage with 4 to 5 contacts each day. This will not only raise your profile with your network, but your network will also reciprocate with the same. Remember to reply to your InMail messages as well.

2 minutes: Update and refresh your profile

You do not need to make big changes to your profile, but check that all the links are working, there are no typos and update any information that may be relevant. Remember that you can add videos, presentations and documents to your summary on your profile, so update these regularly to refresh your profile. Ensure your profile image is professional and your contact details are accurate. While doing the above, think about your current personal branding – is it still sending the right message?

5 minutes: Share an update or two

It is very important that you are active on your profile too. Find some useful information, a piece of news, or industry relevant tips / advice to share with your network. Be mindful of what your network would be interested in and try not to just sell your offer of products and services. No one likes to be sold to, so let your network contact you for your offering and just share interesting content.

5 minutes: Housekeeping and audit

As you build the list of your connections you will find that there are a few connections you are not keeping in contact with, or there are contacts that you would not really feel comfortable working with. Remove these from your list. Clear out the dead wood. People may have moved away or they may not want to keep in contact for any reason.

Do not forget to respond your connections requests, accept or reject as appropriate but make sure you respond either way. Your network is a vital part of your brand and while quantity helps, it’s ultimately quality connections that get you ahead.

These 20 minutes will make a huge difference to your personal brand and help in boosting your reputation within your network. You do not need to spend hours on LinkedIn to get desired results, just follow the guideline above.