With time as you grow your social media audience grows, you would need to evaluate the value you’re driving with your efforts. You cannot afford to ignore your audience’s engagement and response with the content you publish.

Here are seven tips of successful Facebook posts from top 100 brands, and other industry leading Facebook pages:

  1. Include a photo or video – Visual content is the primary driver of engagement on Facebook.
  2. Stay between 50 and 99 – Facebook posts between 50-99 characters see the most engagement, so don’t write a novel. Keep your perfect post sleek, slim, and targeted.
  3. Add an emoticon – posts with emoticons receive 33% more comments, and are also shared 33% more often — two of the major contributors towards engagement.
  4. Ask a question – Question posts get 100% more comments than non-question posts. Make sure your post is getting a dialogue going.
  5. Offer something – As a result of liking a brand on Facebook, 77% said they saved money.  In your perfect post, consider offering more than charm.
  6. Publish between 5pm  and 1am – Posts published between 5pm and 1am receive the most interactions. Make sure your timing is aligning effectively with your specific audience, but this is a good framework to start with.
  7. Post on a Saturday or Sunday – Research  found a drop in the frequency of Facebook posts on weekends but much higher engagement for posts on Saturdays and Sundays.