Word of mouth is the most effective way of marketing your business and I am very keen to maximise opportunities for all my networks by connecting them with others who can help them move their business forward.

Most of the recommendations / introductions I make are face to face as that is the best way to connect people.

Now, let us imagine you want to introduce me to a contact who can help me or refer business to me, and you invite me to an event to meet this person so I agree to join you. On the day, at the event, you are with your contact. Both of you are expecting me to attend the same event and I fail to turn up. That is quite an awkward situation for you. You have already promised your contact an introduction to someone who has now not kept their commitment. Worse is still to come, as I will ask you later to send me your contacts details, as I did not make it to the event. What would you do?

Now, what if you were the person within my network and I was to introduce you to someone who promised to attend an event and they fail to turn up…Would you do business with someone who does not keep their commitment?

Personally I struggle to make referrals to invisible individuals who are never at the events but would like to take advantage of introductions to my network. Building relationships and rapport with people to gain their trust and belief in YOU can only happen if you attend events and meetings regularly.

You never know, the next introduction could be the life changing one and if you are not at the right place at the right time, you would not only let your network down, but you will also let yourself down. Would that not be a big shame??

As a keen networker, I attend a number of meetings and events which are made up of a good mixture of social and business interests. I usually meet amazing people and some of them become very good friends as we build strong relationships.

It is not always easy to keep to the commitment to attending these meetings but I have over time learnt to organise my diary in advance and book events I am interested in so that I do not book another appointment in that time slot. It is a commitment strategy I use and find it very effective.